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First Amateur Tenpin Bowling Tournament

The event for the First Amateur Tenpin Bowling Tournament held by MTBA (Maharashtra Ten pin Bowling Association) kick started in Mumbai on the 21st May 2012 and ended on the 24th May 2012. The event was a great success and we saw a total of 73 bowlers men and woman.

To be accurate there were 19 woman and 54 men. The event was watched by many a bowlers and their family and friends. The next event which is the Pro Bowlers league is proposed to be held at the same centre.

Mr. Ajay Ruia attended the prize distribution as Chief Guest and was introduced to all the new bowlers.

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Consultancy Services by Inco Mechel
Police License
Entertainment Tax
Kingspin Holdings to buy AMF Bowling
Entertainment Tax in Maharashtra
Entertainment Tax in Punjab
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Consultancy Services by Inco Mechel
               If you are setting up a Family Recreation Centre either of stand alone or as a part of a Shopping Mall or Multiplex, we can offer you complete assistance in setting up a Family Entertainment Centre. We shall provide assistance in :

               a) Market research
               b) Planning the concept based on local leisure habits.
               c) Architecture & interiors
               d) Financing
               e) Staffing
               f) Planning, Procurement, Erection of Amusement, Air-conditioning & Kitchen                   equipment
                g) Marketing

               On knowing the area of your land /building, your budget and your objectives, we shall be able to give you a detailed offer for our services.

               At present there are about 200 Family Entertainment Centres in India, with a total investment of Rs.300 crores, which is expected to rise to 400 centres with an investment of close to Rs.1000 crores in the next three years.

Police License
              Most states require that an entertainment center should possess a police license for the premises. If tickets are sold at the premises a separate license from the police is required.

              The process for granting a police license varies from place to place for eg. In Thane (Mumbai) Collector sends police department the license application. Police checks the premises and facilities like parking etc then gives an NOC to Collector.

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Entertainment Tax
              Entertainment tax is a thorny issue for Family Recreation centers in many states of India. Ten-pin Bowling is a sport. Frequent change in the tax laws and hikes in entertainment tax have caused many centers to close down.

              Problems are compounded by the fact that every state has got its own set of laws and tariffs. During committee meetings of the various associations, entertainment tax discussions occupy a major portion of the time available leaving very less time to discuss improvement of the industry.

              It is important to understand the mechanism by which entertainment tax is levied. There are many factors to take care of . For example: In some cities if you have a dance floor then regardless of if you are using it or not, you have to pay a certain amount every month.

               Entertainment tax decisions are taken by the cabinet not by any single official. Usually Revenue Minister and Chief Minister are involved through the cabinet.

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Kingspin Holdings to buy AMF Bowling
      AMf Bowling worldwide, the worlds's largest owner and perator of bowling centres, agreed to be bought by an affiliate of Code Hennessy & Simmons for $249m in cash.
AMF shareholders will receive $25 for each of their shares. The purchaser, Kingpin Holdings, is also assuming AMF's debt. Richmond, Virginia based AMF had 9,963,155 shares outstanding as of November 14. AMF said it expects the purchase to close in the first quarter of '04.
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Entertainment tax in Maharashtra
              Entertainment tax in Maharashtra is 50% on Admission tickets at all live events (applied also to complementary tickets) while in other states it is 10 to 20%. Also 50% of sponsorship money is taxed in any event organized in Maharashtra.

There is no entertainment tax on live shows in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
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Entertainment tax in Punjab
              In Punjab entertainment tax rate of 75% tax rate has been upheld by High Court. Centers are approaching courts individually for relief.
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